CompTIA A+ Certicification
CompTIA A+ Essentials

CompTIA A+ Essentials validates knowledge of basic computer hardware and operating systems, covering skills such as:

1. Core Hardware
a. Installation, configuration, and upgrading
b. Motherboard, processors, and memory
c. Printers and portable computers
d. Diagnosis and troubleshooting
e. Basic networking and telecommunications
f. Safety and preventive maintenance
2. Operating System Technologies
a. Fundamentals�including structure and functions for Windows 9X and Windows 2000
b. File, directory, and disk management
c. Installation, configuration, and upgrading
d. Application device drivers and Windows-based utilities
e. Diagnosis and troubleshooting
f. Internet access and network connectivity

6 months. Classes are conducted three times a week.

Basic Computer Literacy Certificate
1. Introduction to computers
2. Windows Essentials
3. Word processing using Microsoft Word
4. Spreadsheets using MS Excel
5. Introduction to Databases with MS Access
6. PowerPoint Presentation
7. Internet training

Basic: 3 months.
Advance Level: 3 months

Networking Essentials
1. Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows XP Professional.
2. Types of network topologies
3. Setting up a small network (using TCP/IP)
4. Introduction to the concept of a workgroup and domain networks
5. Basic Desktop Management.
6. Protecting PC's against viruses and other hazards from the internet.

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